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#UniteBehind is proud to have mobilised an active citizenry around a common national goal through the #PeoplesMarch on 7 August. The march, led by religious and community leaders was attended by peoples’ organisations, farmworkers, unions, community-based and human rights organisations. We were also inspired by the UDF Veterans formation, leaders in the anti-apartheid struggles of the 80s, coming out to march with us and tackle the current crisis. We wish to thank all the participants that made this event possible and contributed to its success.

The mass action was aimed at organising broad support for the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma that took place the following day. As opposed to the march led by political parties on the 8th, the #PeoplesMarch was meant to appeal more directly to ANC MPs by principally focussing on mobilising people from traditional ANC constituencies, as well as those who do not support the opposition. However, as per our communications, all were, and continue to be welcome at #UniteBehind’s actions, with or without their political party regalia.

#UniteBehind has begun to establish itself in the public imagination as an anti-racist coalition of the working-class and poor. Our peoples’ organisations are based in communities, schools, farms, and in places of worship. We are all supported by progressive legal, policy, and public education research organisations. We were encouraged to see that many ANC members heeded the call and voted in favour of the motion for no confidence in the President. The split in the ANC is now there for all to see. The array of speakers from various sites of struggle in our society – such as on the nuclear deal and the scourge of gender-based violence – laid clear the coalition’s agenda for now and for what comes after defeating State Capture.