#UniteBehind a just and equal South Africa

Who we are

#UniteBehind is a civil society organisation mobilising for a just and equal South Africa where everyone shares in the country’s wealth. We use people’s law and power to advance our campaigns. We give power to activists’ voices through education and resourcing initiatives. We began as a coalition movement in 2017 and continue to partner with aligned organisations on common goals.

Our Campaigns

#UniteBehind’s campaigns focus on fixing the state. We aim to end state capture and improve governance, particularly involving SOEs affecting the poor and working class the most: Eskom and PRASA. We mobilise, motivate, and litigate to combat corruption, solve the electricity crisis and #FixOurTrains.


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State Capture

The State Capture Commission of Inquiry was clear: gangster-elite syndicates have captured our public institutions. Accountability has been replaced with impunity. Join us to regain people’s power and take back our state!


Poor and working class people suffer every day from a dysfunctional train system. Metrorail is in crisis, PRASA was captured and billions were stolen. Join our campaign to #FixOurTrains!

Electricity Action Campaign

Loadshedding is causing great harm to our nation. We are tired of bearing the constant pain, anger, suffering and fear that has resulted from the destruction of Eskom.

Partner Organisations

We collaborate with mass-based people’s organisations, religious communities, NGOs and CBOs engaged in various struggles. Find out more about them and how you can support their work.

  • Centre for Environmental Rights
  • Environmental Monitoring Group
  • Right 2 Know
  • SA1stForum
  • Social Justice Coalition
  • Sonke Gender Justice
  • Trust for Community Outreach and Education
  • Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum
  • Section 27
  • South African Safe Communities Environment Institute
  • people's health Movement
  • Equal Education
  • District 6 Working Committee
  • Alternative Information & Development Centre

Our Blog

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