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#UniteBehind’s attorneys were informed this afternoon that PRASA had paid their attorneys and will now seek a postponement of the matter against Siyangena, after pressure from #UniteBehind and subsequent outcry. #UniteBehind is currently a friend of the Court in this case.


Between R3 billion and R6 billion could have been lost because of the dilatory and questionable conduct of Mr. Bongisizwe Mpondo, the purported PRASA Administrator. Soon after reneging on the end-January deadline for payment to their attorneys, Mr. Mpondo appointed Mr. Themba Camane as one of his Technical Advisors. Mr. Camane is one of the PRASA officials who initiated the unlawful Siyangena expenditure in 2010. Legality appears not to be a strongpoint of the “Administrator”.



PRASA’s decision to pursue the Siyangena corruption matter, first taken during Mr. Popo Molefe’s tenure as PRASA Board Chair, is a critical step in the struggle against state capture and a victory for lawful, rational governance.


#UniteBehind had to bring an urgent application to compel PRASA to pursue the matter after its purported Administrator reneged on a written agreement to pay Werksmans.


Tens of thousands of rands of additional wasted costs have been incurred for the public because of PRASA’s contempt of legal processes.


#UniteBehind will now be joined by PRASA to ask the Court for a postponement.


We have the following questions to ask the purported PRASA Administrator and we hope he will address it under oath in their application to postpone the matter on Monday:


1. Why did Mr. Mpondo renege on his agreement to pay their attorneys?
2. Why did PRASA fail to respond to letters from #UniteBehind lawyers or Siyangena?
3. Who will pay the wasted costs?
4. Should the Administrator be held partially liable for the costs?
5. Was Minister Fikile Mbalula aware of Mr. Mpondo’s failure to pay attorneys and the possible consequences?