Electricity Action Campaign


Loadshedding has cast a shadow over our nation, disrupting lives, imperiling businesses, and plunging communities into darkness. #FixEskom stands as a collective call to action, urging unity to resurrect Eskom from its quagmire.

The dire consequences of erratic power supply resonate far beyond inconvenience. Families navigate perilous dark nights in unsafe areas, workers face reduced employment or losing their jobs, and essential services teeter on the edge of destruction. This crisis strikes at the very heart of our daily existence.

Load shedding is primarily caused by aging infrastructure, insufficient investment in the power sector, increased electricity demand, operational challenges, financial difficulties within Eskom, management and corruption issues, and delays in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Our ancient and ailing coal-fired power stations, producing more than 85% of our country’s energy, are also responsible for South Africa’s high GHG emissions. We are the 14th largest emitter in the world and the largest in Africa. Our coal-fired power stations also pollute our air and our lungs. Mpumalanga – the coal capital of South Africa – often has the dirtiest air in the world. Coal is killing us. We need a drastic and immediate shift to renewable energy sources. 

How Loadshedding Effects Individuals

Join Our EAC Workshops

#UniteBehind seeks to educate, mobilise, and strengthen our movement to #FixEskom. We believe that empowering people with knowledge is the first step in creating a strong and effective movement.

We cover the roots of the loadshedding crisis and discuss how we can solve it. We will listen to people’s needs and mobilise support for our protests.

Empowerment through knowledge is pivotal in our campaign. Join our workshops where we delve into:

# Understanding the root causes of the loadshedding crisis.

# Exploring sustainable solutions.

# Mobilising support for collective action and protests.

Contact us to sign up for workshops, volunteer, or support our campaign in various ways.

Our Demands

EAC Coalition

United under the #FixEskom banner, a coalition of grassroots movements, social justice advocates, and passionate individuals converge to tackle this pressing issue.

Our EAC partners include: 

Movement for Change and Social Justice, Amadoda Qotho, Changing Life, Free Gender, Activist Education and Development Centre, Sesikhona, Social Justice Coalition, Reclaim the City, Neighbourhood Watch Associations, Right to Know, African Climate Alliance, experts and individuals.

How To Get Involved

Join the movement by:

– Sharing your experiences using #FixEskom

– Volunteering for protests, community organisation, or social media support

– Contributing through donations to facilitate impactful change