Healing the past through justice

Land, Housing and the Environment

Land in South Africa continues to lie in the hands of few. Our cities are spatially divided along racial lines – some more so than before 1994. Our rural areas remain poverty stricken and underdeveloped. Those who own land get rich off the backs of those who don’t, with the support of governments officials that they have captured.


Now we live in the midst of an unprecedented climate crisis that will prove catastrophic to everyone – but particularly the poor and working class – if our leaders continue to ignore it.


Our rural areas remain the poorest and most fragmented in their struggles. Most economic development has left them behind. #UniteBehind the Trust for Community Outreach and Education’s effort to empower the rural poor through leadership development and food sovereignty initiatives. Join them as they press for meaningful and just land reform.

Evictions of working class residents take place every day where many of them are relocated to the peripheries of the city. There they have limited access to public services, such as schools, transport and hospitals with almost no employment opportunities. #UniteBehind Reclaim the City and Ndifuna Ukwazi who continue the struggle for land for people, not profit. Their campaign for well-located decent housing for all continues with the Tafelberg case and the residents of Bromwell Street in Woodstock. #UniteBehind the Social Justice Coalition’s struggle for informal settlement upgrading and equitable access to municipal services.

#UniteBehind, led by its affiliates is beginning an initiative to bring together the various peoples’ movements and communities fighting for #UrbanLandJustice, often against a violent state.


#UniteBehind our affiliates who fight for environmental justice! SAFCEI and Right 2 Know continue to keep the corrupt Nuclear Deal at bay. #UniteBehind local organisations such as the Wellington Association Against the Incinerator who are fighting for our environmental rights.

Our country must move towards an economy powered by socially-owned renewable energy. By doing this we can create jobs, rebuild our manufacturing sector and mitigate climate change.

Our Goals

  • To unite the various land, housing and environmental struggles across the country.
  • To influence and speed up land-reform to address our unjust past.
  • To support local activists who fight gentrification and support the struggle for just and equal cities.
  • To be part of the struggle to protect our environment that provides for us and shift our economy away from fossil fuels towards socially-owned renewable energy.

How can I get involved?

Please share your experience on our social platforms using:




Show your support on the ground. Attend a protest action. Volunteer with one of our affiliates on their important campaigns.


We need all the help we can get. If you can’t make it to one of our rallies, or are unable to give of your time, please make a small donation. Every cent counts and with it we can make a real difference to our society.