Get our trains back on track


Poor and working class people suffer every day from a dysfunctional train system. Metrorail is in crisis and corrupt networks have stolen billions from PRASA. Join our campaign to #FixOurTrains!

Metrorail in the Western Cape and across the country is in a deep crisis. This crisis means that everyday hundreds of thousands of commuters:

  • Have to leave home/work hours earlier to travel
  • Seldom get to work on time losing either their leave or pay
  • Are constantly at risk of losing their employment
  • Spend their limited time after work in overcrowded carriages and stations

The trains are also not safe. The desperation of getting on a train has led to people running across the tracks, hanging out of the doors and windows, between carriages or riding on the roof. Tragically, people have already lost their lives to this. People are also constantly being robbed, whilst some have even lost their lives. Women and children especially don’t feel safe, because of the delays and having to walk home in the dark.

Businesses also suffer from a loss of productivity, and because buses and taxis are overburdened, the traffic is worse for everyone.

We know that there is corruption at PRASA; that it was captured by local looters and big foreign capital. There are corrupt tenders currently being challenged in our courts including one for trains that didn’t fit our infrastructure. Billions of Rand has been stolen that could have been used to improve our rail system, yet the Hawks and the National Prosecution Authority have done nothing. We have to root out this corruption at PRASA and our institutions if we are to #FixOurTrains!

Immediate steps to #FixOurTrains

  • Create commuter accountability and oversight boards that are legally constituted
  • Metrorail must immediately improve communication with commuters about delays and cancellations;
  • PRASA must procure busses to transport commuters between Stations where there are insufficient carriages;
  • PRASA and Metrorail must immediately implement the Security Turnaround Operational Plan (STOP);
  • The Hawks and NPA must investigate and prosecute the corruption starting with Lucky Montana and Sfiso Buthelezi who is now the Deputy Minister of Finance;
  • The local crooks and their overseas partners such as Vossloh España (Stadler Rail) must #PayBackTheMoney;
  • PRASA must start collaborating with the City of Cape Town and other metros to turn around the crisis.

How can I get involved?

Please share your experience on our social platforms using:


Join an action committee

Metrorail commuters are already communicating with each other over social media. Now they must meet and organise face to face! Join or start an action committee for your line or area. Contact us for more details on how to do so.


Show your support on the ground. Attend a protest action. Volunteer with fieldwork for our Social Audit of Metrorail.


We need all the help we can get. If you can’t make it to one of our rallies, or are unable to give of your time, please make a small donation. Every cent counts and with it we can make a real difference to our society.

Delay Repay Petition

PRASA is breaking it’s contract with us every day, when our trains are delayed and cancelled, we are forced to use expensive taxis and buses. Our jobs are on the line and our health suffers. We can’t afford why all these added costs and we don’t get what we pay for! Enough is enough and we say #DelayRepay.