Our campaigns

#UniteBehind seeks to build a just and equal South Africa through the work of our campaigns. #UniteBehind is building its own campaign to #FixOurTrains and organising unified action against State Capture. Our affiliates have their own campaigns in struggling for justice and equality in safety, land, housing, and the environment. Find out how you can join and support these struggles.

State Capture

Jacob Zuma’s syndicate have captured our public institutions. Our trains are broken; our electricity prices are rising; our water systems are in crisis; and SARS is failing. Join us in rooting out this syndicate.


Poor and working class people suffer every day from a dysfunctional train system. Metrorail is in crisis, PRASA was captured and billions were stolen. Join our campaign to #FixOurTrains!

Safety, Policing & Justice

Our society is unsafe. It is especially unsafe for women, children and people who live in townships and informal settlements. Safety resources are not distributed justly. We struggle for a society where everyone is safe from all forms of violence.

Land, Housing & the Environment

Our cities remain spatially unjust, often along racial lines. The rural poor are economically excluded and face regular state-sponsored violence. Our environment and the ecology that sustains is being degraded daily. #UniteBehind those who stand against this.